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My review of Lava Lite's new "Designer" 32 oz. lamp

Received my new 32 oz. "Designer" lamp from LL today. Shipping was fast and item was packed well. Customer service was good - I had to cancel and re-order to apply a discount. No problems there. 


Globe color: clear/redNumbers on lamp: H4200, 11032401 D (date assembled must be March 24th, 2011). Cap has white and red sticker. 

Price paid: $34 shipped (with 10% discount)

The globe, much to my disappointment, was slightly cloudy. However, it was warm today and I really do expect that it might clear up. The clouding isn't as horrible as some I've seen, for sure. What's a little unsettling (pun intended?) is the fuzzies floating around in globe.

Upon first run, I can see some of these little floaties moving around in the liquid. 

 The finish is fairly cheap-feeling, but OK. Nice to see something new, I guess. I haven't owned any of the 20 oz. globes, but Autumn tells me the finish looks to be the same. The holes arount the base are a nice touch, but are a tad higher than the image sown on Lava Lite's website. 

My verdict for now? Don't buy (yet).


Rating as of right now: 6

I am running the lamp now for the first time. Updates to follow.


VIDEO of said floaties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPQyBXKaqVM 

Day two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSlLvW0MGBk 


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It wasn't the place for it, but it sure did get their attention!

I'm not surprised they removed it.

If lava lite were my company I would have removed it too.

No one would want to leave negative press about their product on a page that is so visible and there to promote the company. 


It's unfortunate with the perception of oozing goo and lava lite bashing.

Speaking frankly I've read that by many a seller before. She wasn't saying anything that wasn't said before.


Sending the product back for a refund makes a big statement.


When did she offer you a Century? The email you posted only offered a new 52oz Designer lamp. 

I am always very thorough with my reviews, and I feel, fair. If you could find my post on their FB page, I was excited as I ordered one of their Designer lamps. I wouldn't have ordered one if I knew they were going to be crap.

I will have to disagree somewhat with Rob (Weebo) on putting my review on their FB page. As someone who maintains our company's FB page, we are trained in how to handle negative comments. What I posted to their page was fair, accurate and not disrespectful. Lava Lite just didn't like what I had to say. But yes, it is THEIR Facebook page and they can do with it as they see fit. But I didn't do anything wrong! 


Bohdan, I think the Century she was offering was one of their new 52oz. "Designer" series ones. I have no interested in another lamp from them as I firmly believe it would be no different. 

There was a lot more that I wanted to argue with her about, but I had to remember that these crappy lamps are not her fault directly. She's a paid marketing rep for Lava Lite, just like I'm a paid marketing rep for my company. She will soon realize what we've all come to realize - you can ship as many crappy globes as you want, but until product quality improves, expect complaints. She makes the assertion that their lamps are good because hey, they've sold to 100s of resellers and customers online! She makes it seem like they never get complaints. Bull. Crap. Read amazon.com. Watch LL's Facebook page for a few months and you'll see complaints. Even here, we have new members all the time with some crappy LL lamp they've purchased, wondering what they can do about it. Some of their new lamps are tolerable, sure, if you're lucky to get a semi-clear one and honestly, I don't care who buys from them. My only goal when I write product reviews is to inform and then let the potential customer make their decision from there. What's sad is that non-collectors think this is how a lava lamp is supposed to look. :(


The whole thing is sad, really. lava lamps can be such beautiful things and Lava Lite just can't seem to get that right anymore. I am, however, grateful for the plentiful US-made lamps on eBay. I will continue to seek those out. 

She did not offer me a Century. She offered me a 52oz. Designer series lamp in yellow/red. If I posted Century somewhere, that is incorrect.

***Ah, I see it now. I posted it in my reply to her. She did not offer me a Century. When I hear "52oz" I automatically think Century. My mistake. 

LLD said:


When did she offer you a Century? The email you posted only offered a new 52oz Designer lamp. 

Ah okay, I saw century in there and then someone else mentioned new old stock and I got excited because I thought maybe they were going to start selling more old stock, like they did a few years back. The whole situation is still frustrating, especially because these new lamps looked so promising.

Erin, I never said you did anything wrong.

As far as my statement. It kind of agrees with Stephanie in the fact that it's probably not what that page was meant for.

So from their perspective, or any company owner's perspective, it wasn't the place for it.

It's their presence to the world and they can choose what is visible.

I don't see that anyone did anything wrong.

I can see why it was removed even if it was the truth.

That's why there are independant sites that allow people to post reviews.

So bias of a product or buyer can be determined in a more neutral place.


I applaud the fact that you stood up and are handling it directly with the company in this manner. 

still bad news.  looks like no new improvements.  how was the designer base? i would have asked for a few bases and tops in exchange for the crappy globe. 
LOL Erin in your first video in the first second i can hear oozing goo chat in the background
The "Designer" base was just the Silver Streak base with some holes drilled in it. The paint was nice and the base was fine. Nothing exceptional, to be honest. I don't want anymore of their stuff - not even for free.

jonny said:
still bad news.  looks like no new improvements.  how was the designer base? i would have asked for a few bases and tops in exchange for the crappy globe. 

I did. I did not accept her offer of a new 52oz. Designer to be sent out.


I received my FULL refund this past week. No more new LL for me!

Did you get your refund, yet?
Erin said:

I received my FULL refund this past week. No more new LL for me!

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