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So I have been working on some projects..

The first one involves some Metallics ( yes china) bottles I bought. Six in total.. 2 of each color Red ( more of a rose or as Dr. What called rubber eraser) , light blue and green. Original bases are a far cry from esthetically pleasing and too small for my likes. So my plan is going  like this. Combining two of them  get one 32 oz.  Actually does not need both ... I used one full and 3/4 lava and about 1/2 fluid from second. I have put the lava level just a  bit more than normal 32 oz as I wanted a fuller content. Yes I am pouring them into spare LL bottles I have . Some were spares and one was bubble infested. The spare contents that were good I have put into a good sealed mason jar for future alteration, refill or experimentation..

I have with great success completed the blending of the blues and am currently running cycles to see if the bit of clouding ( that was crystal clear) will fix itself. If not I will filter. When blending I am sure the silver substance in goo is what causes hazy water. Already two days of cycles and 65 % improvement. Now.. first day the flow ( in original bottle  was fabulous) seemed to do the slow lazy often known wizard flow. Great news is this has worked itself out..  Knowing that these lamps lava has the amazing ability to regroup very quickly I found myself giving lamp a decent swirl every time i passed it.. in my mind.. stirring it like a pot of food on the stove.. whatever.. whether it was this or just a little time.. flow is again fantastic. I have them on a midnight base with a clear 40 watt.. applc. bulb. They seem to like heat... and can flow for a very long time without over heating. I have NO lava sitting dead on top and no tiny balls floating either.. Actually a flow very similar to that of a good Century.. Of course I am more than thrilled with my results and will go one to the other two colors.

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oh ya.. first shot of it on the left flowing was first run..

as you can see from today s shots water has significantly cleared.

I think this looks so cool! I want to do one, too! 

Very nice, me likes !

HAve you any use for the original bases that came with the metallic lamps?

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