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I thought I'd start a post on neat / rare eBay lava and glitter sales. Sometimes it's nice to remember the sale of a really cool or hardly-seen item.

Please only post completed/closed eBay auctions - please don't post any open sales!

I'll start off with the Princess wall model lava that sold tonight. Anyone here get this? :)

If you post to this thread with a completed auction, please try to include a screen shot, not a link. After so many months eBay removes auctions and for historical purposes, it'd be nice to see what sold.

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please sit back, relax and let the eternal flow of the vibrant waves wash you into a state of tranquility.

Mark Hand said:


I don't really get the spelling or english but its clear that its quite dodgy and clearly written by someone who doesn't have a good concept of the launauge

What got me was the description was doing the 'hard sell' and then they are practically ordering the buyer to give them A* feedback. Even if it did arrive in time and in one piece etc I wouldn't give them max feedback - I am honest!

As for the Lava Simplex item that's nice very vintage and quite timeless - it would be a good investment.

Just a note Mr_a500 put auctions in this topic only when they have ended - its a courtesy for others as they might be wanting to bid on the item and don't want it advertised far and wide.

Yes, please only post CLOSED eBay auctions here. We kind-of have an unwritten rule about posting open auctions - the less people that know about an awesome steal on eBay, the better chance for someone to get it cheap. ;) Obviously not so in this case...

I was the winner on this (Hi Erin!) I have 3 of these as glitters already, so this will be a goo kit project with red lava and the metal painted in hammered copper color.

THAT WAS YOU?! OMG! I've always wanted to know your name. I'm super bummed it went for cheap, but knowing YOU got it makes me happy. :) Frown erased. And please share with me the redone project - sounds like it's going to be really cool. :)

wizard of ooze said:

I was the winner on this (Hi Erin!) I have 3 of these as glitters already, so this will be a goo kit project with red lava and the metal painted in hammered copper color.

You're a lucky eBayer. ;) 

Ok - someone please enlighten me on this one.  Was this bidder the only one who "got it" regarding this lamp?  In my eyes, looks to be a run of the mill Century.  Please educate me and tell me how wrong I am.

wizard of ooze said:

That one needs to go in the Overpriced thread, not this one. I still don't understand that auction. Kira wrote the seller and he's been harassing her ever since. Be warned. 

Damn. I can't believe lava prices lately. 

I use Window's snipping tool. Or alt+prtscr (printscreen). 

WaggS said:


Now you see it then its gone... hope someone on here managed to seduce the seller with a good offer!!!

(how do you screen grab?)

Jing by Techsmith is what I use.

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