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I thought I'd start a post on neat / rare eBay lava and glitter sales. Sometimes it's nice to remember the sale of a really cool or hardly-seen item.

Please only post completed/closed eBay auctions - please don't post any open sales!

I'll start off with the Princess wall model lava that sold tonight. Anyone here get this? :)

If you post to this thread with a completed auction, please try to include a screen shot, not a link. After so many months eBay removes auctions and for historical purposes, it'd be nice to see what sold.

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Holy crap. I thought you had one already. That's not too crazy, it's not like youre buying a giant wave.
James - maybe you can adopt me and buy me an Audi R8?  I'll clean my room and yours as well.
Just saw that lovely Capri auction end, a snip at $51
Darn it!  I paid over 100 Euros form mine (the top example bolier)

wizard of ooze said:

A couple other rare French market lamps......

Gold Capri. Decent price! 

What a bargin - I dont think the seller knew how much it was worth though, otherwize the starting price would be a lot higher

Erin said:

Gold Capri. Decent price! 

Any chance of some photos on the Gallery for us to look at this georgous lamp - please!

James Reiche said:

This is just crazy!


Oh wait, I was the crazy buyer this time!

Yes I have assured myself that I will be living poorly for the next 6 weeks, but hey, I am going to own a Great condition 1979 Cosmos!


The saucer or UFO.


Fantasia glitter lamp.

French glitter
I love the overseas stuff... grass is greener, I suppose!

The other mans grass is allways greener...The sun shines brighter on the other side....

Some are lucky... some are not...I'm so gratefull for what I got...LOL.

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