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Hi all,

I could use some assistance with finding a replacement bulb for a Mathmos Telstar.  I purchased a factory made USA wired lamp from electric planet and had it shipped over.  Cool I thought - 120VAC, USA plug, no need for a transformer like my astrobaby, or the rewiring project like my astro.  Flash forward, the bulb eventually wears out.  I cannot for the life of me find this replacement bulb, nor is any of the information accurate.

First the bulb It is NOT the same as the regular UK astrobaby bulb.  I have plenty of those and they aren't a match.  The bulb it shipped with says 120VAC 40W printed on the base.

If you google - you'll see a lot of references to an E14 SES bulb such as this Phillips bulb:


But that's not it either.  The base screw is thicker and the bulb is about twice the physical size.

If you read the sticker inside of the lamp base - it says the replacement bulb is a max 30W SES bulb of this shape (and has a picture of a typical reflector bulb).  That's not the 40W bulb that shipped with the lamp.

I've taken this bulb everywhere in the world that sells light bulbs and cannot find a match :(

Does anyone know what bulb I should buy and where I can get it?  I'd really rather not be bothered to rewire the lamp...


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have you tried contacting mathmos via email or facebook?  they are responsive.  sorry i can't help you directly.  i bought my parents a USA telstar but no replacement bulbs, so i'm also interested to know what the correct bulb is.

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