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Neons and other new China-made Lava Lites - wax stuck to globe around bottom

I was initially very excited about the new Neons and picked up an orange/black last week, too. After a few runs of the orange/black, I picked up the globe and noticed that a lot of the wax at the very bottom was stuck to the globe. 

I checked all my Neons and my purple Neon has the same problem, though not as bad. You can't see it when the lamp is running. but in the case of my orange/black, I think it affects the flow. 

Anyone else have this with their Neons or new(er) Lava Lites? Just when I thought things were improving (and they are, kinda), there's this setback.

What say you? 

I'm returning the orange/black as the sticking is quite bad, but keeping the purple. Do you think it will worsen over time? The only other time I've seen this happen is with GooKit lamps I've made. 

I'll get a pic in a little bit. 

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no sticking problems on my green and yellow neons.  have you tried to heat the outside of the globe around the part with stuck wax with a blow dryer?  or just run it over night to see if the problem will correct itself?

It already gets really really hot down there when flowing (it's right next to the bulb), so if that doesn't detach it, I don't know what would. From what I've seen in the past, when wax is stuck to the globe like that, no amount of heat gets it off. 

yeah it probably wouldn't work with the orange/black but might be worth a shot on the clear/purple since the stuck spot looks a bit higher up on the globe.  if not, i'm sure you could return it with the base from the pink lamp :)

Oh no, the stuck spot is all the way down around the coil. It sticks about 1cm all the way around the very bottom of the globe. You can't even see it when it's running unless you take the globe off. I tried to get a picture of it, but it's hard to photograph.

ok, i know what you mean.  yeah, i would return it.  i bet the problem will only get worse over time.

:( I don't have the original box on the purple, plus, I drilled holes in the base, so it looks like I'm keeping it. 

Buy another one and swap the glass. Or you can contact Lava Light to see if they will swap the globe.

I bought some 20ozs that did the same thing, I dont recommend swapping them at the store cause it turned out the whole batch the store had did the same thing :(

Yeah, to go back to the store, there's a 50/50 chance I'd end up with another one with stuck wax. I don't really want to open this one up, either. I think I'll contact Lava Lite. Good idea! 

yep, susan can handle this type of request.  i did that with a grande i purchased from amazon that arrived cloudy.

Good to know. I'll contact her. 

I have not had any problems with my purple neon, and I have had it for about 2 months now, but when I bought my orange/black about 2 months ago the wax was stuck a lot on the bottom on the side, which I returned the next day and got the neon. My black/clear lamp that I bought about 5 years ago when it first came out in the 52oz size has the same problem, severely stuck wax on the bottom. It messes up the flow and only about half of the lava actually moves around in it.

When i returned the black/orange to Spencers, they wrote down the problem on the box, and I have not seen it for sale ever since in the store. I went back almost everyday for the next 2 weeks and they never put it back out, and it was the last one, so I think that they really try to not put bad lamps out, especially ones that have been returned.

Sadly this is one of the drawbacks from the new batches. I have the same issue in almost every one of my China lamps I have bought recently, but it has not caused any issues yet because the sticking has been minor.

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