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New China-made 52oz lamp from Lavaworld won't flow - HELP!!!

I purchased this 52oz red/clear lamp from a retailer, and it has never worked properly. For one thing, it came with a clear bulb that seemed to overheat it - even though I know the office where it was set up was kept at a steady 70 degrees - no direct sunlight, either. Then the lava began just sitting in the bottom of the globe, and not moving. It looked also like it was NOT adhering fully to the coil. I switched the bulb to a 40watt frosted, and it made no difference. The coil is clearly a cheap smaller-size coil typical of the China-made lamps, from what I have read here.

I contacted Lava Lite company directly, and to their credit, they shipped out a brand-new lamp the next day. It seems to work OK, except that it too, has a small coil, and would probably benefit flow-wise from having the coil stretched to fill the base of the bottle. Also - I was dismayed to find that the new lamp had a small scratch in the brushed metal finish near the very bottom of the base. I thanked Julie for her prompt service, but also sent her some photos from this site regarding the small coils and general rants about poor quality control contained here, along with these photos. I have not as yet received a response.

Can anyone give me advice on this/ reasons for why this globe doesn't work/ suggestions? Thanks in advance...

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So what do you recommend? Purchasing a lamp from Mathmos and re-wiring it? That would seem to be the only decent solution. One other possibility is IF the Mathmos globes would fit on the American bases. I agree with you the quality control is horrible. The way these things are packed so obviously hastily causes damage, and I think the company is going to see their sales continue to decline if they don't wake up and start improving the quality back to what it once was. We'll see soon enough if the new management has any intention of doing that.
Do you think if I put in a spring from Home Depot, it might fix this lamp, or do you think the wax is shot? Do I need to do anything special to the Home Depot spring to clean it and get it to stay in a circle - like how do I do that?

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