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So I never thought I would find one of these locally but I guess I was wrong. I knew it was cloudy before buying it but didn't pay that much so I felt it was worth it.

See attached photos.

I was surprised to see the box marked with 2004 date. The box even shows a photo of a grande glitter model that I did not know they ever made. Would love to find one of those. Has anyone see one in person that was original and not converted?

The box also has a photo of lava lamp table lamp, lava outdoor, cordless rainbow phasing light.

So the question is, what to do with this? No matter what it is it's going to cost me so I will have to put other smaller lava based projects on hold.

Remember I live in an apartment so whatever I do needs to be manageable. Thoughts? Glitter conversion? I will run it for a few nights starting tomorrow to see if it clear ups but we all know the odds are slim to none considering it's age.

If glitter conversion I see no option other than kirk. There is no way I'm filling this with 5 below bottles hahahaha.

Did I bite off my than I can chew here? Should I be nevervous rofl!

I would love to keep this a lava lamp but honestly have no clue where to start and what to do and am I even capable of making it clear again?

Where do I start, I thought I saw a thread somewhere about converting a grande with kirks glitter.

Just turned it on and the fluid looks cloudy WHITE and the lava looks red, of course in cold state. there also seems to be a haze on the inside of the glass apart from the cloudy fluid. There also appears to be MOLD mark around the entire bottle at the same height from the bottom. It looks like a small CREASE in the glass full round. Not to noticeable from a distance. The bottle also looks poorly molded on bottom where some parts look thicker than others. Is this something to be concerned about? Will this bottom be a concern for breakage?

Can we assume this lamp has in fact be used before?

Some odd marks on the inside of the globe like it was rested on it's side but all lava is down at the bottom. If you need photos let me know.



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Keith, thanks for the info, I'll show the wife the purple/yellow and see what she thinks. Will lava lamp do this even if you purchase through spencers?

Yes, because it's their guarantee on their product.  Same as if you purchase from Walmart, Target, etc.

kero48 said:

Keith, thanks for the info, I'll show the wife the purple/yellow and see what she thinks. Will lava lamp do this even if you purchase through spencers?

Keith, great, thanks, def going to order in the next day or so. I wanted to chat with you last night about trying to keep the lava in this lamp while I try and clean the bottle as after about 4 hour so running, there were large columns forms and what seems to be big balls with rain drops of small balls falling off those larger balls. I had to leave my flashlight there to watch it but maybe, just maybe, the lava is not shot? Hard to tell really when the interior looks like a scene from the original move "THE FOG" lol.

So, without taking out the lava, and using coolish water, can I clean the interior well? Any special techniques other than maybe getting a large bottle brush which I have seen at ace hardware near me? Can I still use soap to help?

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