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So I ordered a grande from lava lite's website yesterday, since i have HORRIBLE luck from Amazon, i thought i would have better luck?...... but then i got shipping info and noticed that apparently they now ship from California? I live in the midwest....... sooooo yeeaaaaahh....... i am 99.9 percent sure it is going to arrive cloudy!!!.....I CAN NOT $%@#ING WIN!!! So just for fun, who here thinks it will arrive cloudy, and who thinks it will arrive crystal clear/ or at least close to clear? 

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Since it is January you have better odds of receiving a clear lamp.  However, I would not hold my breath.  

Yes, i am hoping that is the case lol!

The colder it is outside the better chance the liquid will stay clear during transport.

I once had a Colossus lamp shipped to me in January years ago and it arrived partially frozen but it was crystal clear and worked fine after thawing :)

Since the lamps are made in China shipping them to their final destination from California seems like it would actually reduce shipping time and maybe reduce problems.

that would be nice!

Crossing finger for you

Thanks! I am hoping for a clear one this time lol!

New lava light website?? Link?

Same as always  https://lavalamp.com/ 

Dillon neimiller said:

New lava light website?? Link?

Well..... i just can't win!!!! I am hoping its nothing serious.... but i have STRONG doubts lolol.

Oh oh!   Fingers crossed!

Yep, cloudy! Going to try and filter it

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