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I've never seen these lamps at Spencer's before.  I like the 52 oz metallic bases and although I'm not expecting much from the flow, I wouldn't mind getting one of these bases for 27.99 to do a goo kit on.  As a matter of fact, my bubblegum pink globe would probably look good on that base...hummm......


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Oh I love those bases. I think your bubblegum globe would look great on the pink one. I'm eyeballing the green one myself. 

I know right!!!!  Not a fan of LL much anymore, but if I can take a ride to Spencer's and see these guys up close and personal I MAY just snag one down the road and play musical globes, lol!!!  That's if there isn't a ton of imperfections in the globe, but I don' t know, I really do luv the pink base and hat, lol!!!

I don't want to bust any globs, but I saw these pink & green lamps in action when I went to my local spencers to see if they now carried heritage collection lamps (they did, 1). Anyway, the packaging image appears to be a metallic anodized finished base. The actual bases inside are semi-gloss painted with milky green & pink colors. Very un-metallic. The bottles looked stunning, the most impressive flow of any on display. Including the Heritage wizard.

I wish they would stop with the photoshopped pics already!!!!! Uugghhh!!

Nothing new here. Changing a base color is lame. They need to come up with something new already. Changing a base color is so 1970's.  I'm not at all impressed.

I also agree with Carol in that photoshopping photos should be illegal when it comes to selling products. Especially lava lamps.  That day will never come.

Buy them for the base alone as the globe most likely will be shot but you do have the globes to make them look nice

Yea photoshopping lamps is not grate - a clear indication that your making a lamp that is so bad you cant use the actual lamp as a picture and have to make a graphic picture of it instead not even a enhanced picture of the lamp.

AND it should be ILLEGAL, false advertising......being duped by a picture into thinking you are getting that particular product when in fact it's not at all what the picture looks like!!!

I saw these lamps for the first time today. They are very neon!! Wow! And the bases, I have a hunch that they are black light responsive. They have that kind of finish, and the neon of the bases seem like black light responsive neon. I really want to find out. The flow of the pink was absolutely stunning, compared to the others on display. I plan on getting it this weekend. The green had issues-wax stuck to the bottom pretty bad, and it wasn't even flowing. The pink was flawless.
I wanna see!!! Lol
I'm a bit disappointed that they are painted, and not the brushed look, but the bases are still nice. Yes, in person these are incredibly neon! They flow good for Chinese lava lites like all of the neons I have seen so far.

Maybe I'll take a ride to Spencer's just to "look"....finances have really been tough so I only get what I ABSOLUTELY NEED when it comes to my hobby these days.  I just had to have a base to run my purple/yellow, but have been good as far as new lamps go..........I bet my Spencer's doesn't even have these lamps.......

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