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I've never seen these lamps at Spencer's before.  I like the 52 oz metallic bases and although I'm not expecting much from the flow, I wouldn't mind getting one of these bases for 27.99 to do a goo kit on.  As a matter of fact, my bubblegum pink globe would probably look good on that base...hummm......


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Hmm.. I don't know if it's worth a trip there, not all Spencer's has them on display... But if they do have them, they are so bright! And flow very nicely.

Maybe I'll give them a call first and ask if they have them........my Spencer's is pretty bad when it comes to stocking the newer lava

That's a good idea! I have 2 different Spencer's in my area. One has them on display, and one doesn't.

Yea, Spencer's if an "iffy" place anymore!!!  Not sure what they are doing as far as they're lava sales go!!

I got a pink one. It's pretty fantastic. Honestly, the Premier lamps from Spencer's typically work really well.


That is nice!!!!!

I've got it on my desk next to my small Clearviews and Wizard.


Carol said:

That is nice!!!!!

Nice display!!!!

I found myself in the mall today. Looking at them again, I was so impressed with both neons on display, I purchased a green one. Inside with yellowish lighting, the bases don't look very bright to me, but outside in the sunlight, the base def glows brite (not using this base, it's going on a heritage century base). I was amazed by the quality of the bottle. Very few bubble stars in the glass, which is extremely clean & clear, even along the bottom (I find hazy & filthy to be more annoying then too starry). Also containing the clearest fluid I've ever seen, like a glitter lamp. The bottle glows very bright and the clarity reveals a nice 3-D effect. I was impressed...here's some pics, hopefully revealing how nice this bottle is! Very active flow, the globs are a bit on the ball side, not as stretchy as I would prefer, but everything falls quickly and not too much bottle top clustering

gunner, the bottle looks great!!!  I also like the color green of the lava.  I probably will keep it on the original base, but before i opt to purchase any newer china lamp, i have a lamp that i am buying off of Erin, fellow OG member and Mod.  She has a really nice vintage cranberry that she has been holding for me for awhile now.  That is my next purchase.  I wanted to finish up the last of my goo so I had to purchase a globe which left me without a base for another lamp so I had to get a base....hubbie just started another new job (keeps getting laid off) so I'm being fairly good when it comes to lava purchases. 


As far as those tight blobs, they might become a bit more stretchier after more runs.  I have a china premier lamp which is pink liquid/white lava that still does the tight blob thing.  I hate that type of flow.  I'm keeping it as an original lamp until it is totally fried, then I will use it for goo kit fodder, lol!!  My newest china lamp, a purple fluid/yellow lava 52 oz, is getting more of a stretchier flow with more runs.  Globe isn't too bad.  Clear, few starry occlusions, but does have a few scratches in it.  It fell so I'm not sure if those scratches came in it or they were caused by the fall.  I'm pretty sure it came like that.  It was an LL replacement for my 52 neon green that got gunk in the coil in a month or so.  Enjoy!!  It's not often we luck out with a decent china LL globe!!!  Looks nice on the base too!!

that neon green looks great on the heritage century base.  i'm going to try that now.  thanks for the idea!

I was quite happy with the neon green look on the heritage century base also. I'm going to keep it there a while for sure.

Carol, I was hoping to hear something like that! Will run it a while and see what happens. It had a very decent first run. More successful than my the two original heritage bottles did. What really sold me at Spencers was the two new neons were throwing old school jiggly globs that would "hourglass" on their way down. Nothing else in the store compared.

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