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Saw this on facebook, they didn't do a good job showing this "tricolored hand painted globe" looks like a regular old pink/white. Not sure how I feel about this one either.

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i found the rainbow glitter at Hastings. It is a 14" lamp 20 oz. They also carry the 52 oz Rainbow lava and the 17" inch 50th anniversary.

That's where I found it too Josh. It and others in the new line.

In regards to LL not making much that's exciting for the 50th-- we must remember that they may not see much good in catering specifically to us collectors. Several years ago, the new owners made contact here and got a really nasty, hateful response, not from everyone, but from an extremely vocal minority. "LL will never produce good lamps ever again, I hope they die a fast death and Mathmos takes over the US market" is what they heard most strongly here.

I, too, hope they produce something for us. But I'm not holding out for it. They came here for suggestions and support, and got a pretty harsh welcome.

I picked up the rainbow glitter at Target, it was an end cap display separate from the other lava lamps.  They also had a 32oz 50th lamp, but I passed on that.

The glitter is wonderful, and throws some great shadows/sparkles on the wall as well.  I'm tempted to get a second one and make a 32 oz bottle out of them.  Only down side is the formula is one where the glitter floats at rest, and it takes it a while to get going, but nothing a quick shake before turning it on won't fix.

In a nutshell, this is exactly correct. While the Oozing Goo community may seem relatively large, in the grand scheme of things we are small potatoes. Lava Lite is a business and has a fiduciary duty to turn a profit for their shareholders. Catering their business to the .05% of their customer base that are avid collectors (us) is not smart business, simply put.

Trust me, I grumble and mumble every time I pay Susan a visit at Lava Lite. I bashed their 50th anniversary offerings in a group that both myself and Susan belong to on Facebook (she mentioned my comments to me when I picked up the Rainbow Grande). She understands I am not bashing the company out of disdain, I am speaking from my perspective as a collector. We always want the absolute best lamps.

I also will admit something else. I admitted to Susan last time I saw her that I can better appreciate their business model. I recently had a garage sale and had about 75-100 lamps for sale. I had 20 ouncers, 32 ouncers, 52 ouncers and Grandes. By far the biggest seller and it wasn't even close? 20 ouncers. You sell what customers are willing to buy and clearly 20 ouncers sell.

Now back to catering to us collectors. Be honest here please. What if Lava Lite did offer a 50th commemorative line up and the lamps were manufactured in the US? What if they returned to US prices in the 80's and 90's adjusted for inflation? Would you all scramble to Spencers to buy a $75 50th anniversary "gold streak"? A $90 50th anniversary Century or Aristocrat? A $350 50th anniversary Giant?

Jonas Clark-Elliott said:

In regards to LL not making much that's exciting for the 50th-- we must remember that they may not see much good in catering specifically to us collectors.

yes more pictures of the new ones please?

Iowa checking in here... we don't have any of the new lamps at Spencer's or Target. Boo. 

In regards to Jim's question, I would be all over the century or aristocrat for $90! The gold streak maybe. The giant, I'd definitely get it eventually, maybe for Christmas or something. I like the gold streak I got, but really only for the base, as the bottle is a bit boring. I think lava lite should definitely continue making low cost 20ozers, since that is what's going to sell best with the general public. They should also consider some USA made, "premium" lamps for collectors, even if it was just the bottles. Many bases, if not all came from china from the mid 90s onward. Come on lava lite!

I really think that catering to us collectors is a thing of the past!!!  The only hope for vintage is through buying used....

Josh, is it fast glitter like the wizzie's?  I'm going to call my Spencer's to see if they have it b4 I drive an hour to go up there!!  I don't have a Hastings near me.

It is somewhere between the fast and slow lava glitters.  It's nice

Has anyone seen the blue glitter for sale anywhere yet?

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