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Saw this on facebook, they didn't do a good job showing this "tricolored hand painted globe" looks like a regular old pink/white. Not sure how I feel about this one either.

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Took this pic a few weeks ago.  Since I'm not into glitter I didn't buy it.  It's got etched stars on the bottle and is full of Periwinkle-ish blue glitter.   

Hopefully I'll see one down here.  Depending on how the stars look, this might get re-bottled in a clear globe.

I agree Bridget!!!  Don't know how i'm going to feel about the stars up close and personal!!!  But the transplant idea is definitely a great idea!!!  I have to call my local Spencer's and see if they have anything new.  They told me last year that they were going to be redoing their whole lava section and believe it or not I haven't been there since.  Finances went into the shitter and then the summer came, so........also, it's not around the corner.  It's about an hour and 1/2 drive for me.  Might have to call b4 I make the trip to disappointment.  They don't often get new inventory but i'm hopeful since the launch of the new lamps that they just may have some.

I can't wait to see the multi-color glitter in person. Has anyone bought a 32oz. 50th Anniversary lamp? Is the flow even remotely okay? Liquid clear?

I have a 32 oz anniversary lamp. Liquid is clear. Flow is mediocre. Base and cap are good. For what I paid for it ($27), I'm happy. I keep watching to see if it develops gunk in the coil. So far, so good. I've run it about 20 times so far.

Thanks a lot!

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