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New Orange/black 52 oz Came Today from Spencer's Online

New 52 oz black/orange came today from Spencer's Online.  Gotta say shipping was fast....ordered late Thursday night, arrived today.  Not happy that FedEx handing it off to my local USPS mailman though.  Of course he pulls it off the truck upside down when CLEARLY it is marked this side UP.....packed pretty well.  Tube was inside a huge box that could of fit a grande with lots of brown paper stuffed around it.  Pretty clear....maybe a tad of a slight haze but it is pretty warm today.  Starting it on a 60 watter because the a/c is cranking and it will take until tomorrow to flow on a 40 i'm sure.  Puck just bounced up, so we'll see how flow is.


As far as globe quality....it's pure crap.  A ton of starry occlusions, one light hairline scratch, but a very nice visible scratch on the back.  Yeah, I can turn it so I can't really notice it and I am backlighting this lamp, so the starry occlusions aren't as visible as in the complete darkness, BUT, this globe isn't even worthy of a transplant which is what I originally ordered it for. 


Called Spencer's and they have a few orange/black in stock.  I will lose out on my shipping if I return it through them, but at least I can do a visual before I do the exchange.  Not sure how long they give I think 30 days.....may be taking a Spencer's trip.  Oh, my local Spencer's has the 50th Anniversary lamps in the 52 oz......I may wanna take a ride just to check those out as well.....

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Looks like the flow may be good!!  Just my luck.....slight haze but good flow...hard to tell from 1st run, but start up looks good, not super blobby but am running on a 60 watter.......a few runs will tell....

Sorry the orange/ black is so horrible. I took some windex to mine a couple times now. Think I managed to get most of the white haze off the glass. It actually looks pretty good lit up during the day. Didn't really run it long enough last night and it was pretty cool with the windows open.

You will not be disappointed with the 50th Anniversary 52 oz. I love mine, but it's in storage since the grande is just so perfect (except for that little dent in the base next to the logo)! I've contacted LL twice now about switching it out and no reply grr

I've been cleaning the glass as well, but I think the haze is in the fluid.....it isn't too bad though actually.  When it's backlit you can't really tell.....flow isn't too bad either, of course I am running it on a 60 watter with my dimmer down just about 1/4 of the way....even getting some snakey flow which is odd for a china lamp from a 1st run.....so what to do?  what to do?  I'm like you with your grande debating on whether to exchange it or not.  I may get a super clear one, but the flow may be terrible.......seems with LL you can't have 100 percent everything good........I asked my gf if she wanted to take a ride to our mall 2nite.  I MAY bring this lamp with me in case Spencer's has a nice black/orange.....I just can't get through that haze issue...

and BAMM!!!!  In pops Haze, lololololol!!!!! 

So basicly your telling me that if I were to choose to order a lamp off of the Spencers website that it would most likely come hazed up inside the vessel ? I got one in my store and it was clear as a bell !   I just don't know what I should do this weekend ....

Unfortunately lava doesn't ship well in the warmer temps, especially china lava, although I've heard that even in winter some have gotten milky lamps.  I've pulled lamps from tubes in spencer's and they were trashed, so it's a luck of the draw.  And I'm not just dissing Spencer's.  You could get a cloudy lamp from anywhere.  I'm going to try to return mine black/orange this coming Friday for a clear one.  Weird thing is the lamp starts up clear, then gets cloudy as it flows.  If I can't find that seem better, i'll probably end up keeping this one and put my black/orange kit into it.  I really don't know yet what i'm gonna do with it if I can't get one that is an improvement.

regarding not hearing back from LL about a replacement - somewhat long wait times and infrequent communication are normal. a replacement might just show up on your doorstep one day without warning...

Brad, I didn't even go there as far as a replacement because they don't have any orange/black at LL.  The last time I got a replacement for my son's 52 oz Neon Green lamp, they sent me a purple/yellow and didn't even tell me that they weren't replacing my original color!!!  I was kind of perturbed about that because my 15 year old has a camo room and purple/yellow would not have fit in with THAT décor!!  So I ended up rebuying him a neon green.  To add to that, the purple/yellow was a pea shooter due to a bad coil, which I ended up goo kitting anyway.  So i'm not really confident on their replacement theory either. 


I called spencer's and they have a "few" in stock.  It's not that bad as far as cloudiness goes.  I've seen much worse and it is a lamp that I run backlighted and mostly in the day, early evening hours so if I can't find one that is in any better condition I will keep this one until I get sick of it and end up transplanting my goo kitted orange/black into it which is nicer anyway.  I just can't see doing a transplant into a globe that is equal or worse then the original globe it's in now. 

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