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newbie wants to fix 32ounce silver base. not sure if it's the switch or the bulb socket or?

newbie wants to fix 32ounce silver base. not sure if it's the switch or the bulb socket or?

any directions? thanks,


amyvegan at gmail

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Do you know if the bulb works and is in correctly if that is ok then it could be the fuse in the plug that needs to be checked or just replaced.

How long have you had the lamp and did you buy it new or not. 

i tried the bulb in another lamp and it worked. i also tried a good bulb in the questionable base and it failed.

there's felt on the bottom so i didn't unglue it to check for a fuse. where's the fuse?



There's no fuse in the 32s, or any lava base that I've ever seen... Could be a break in the wire, or the whole socket could need replacing. Probably something wrong in the cord though. I had to replace the wiring on my colossus when it suddenly died once.

In the UK the fuse is located in the plug but there is probably no fuse on the 32oz'ers in the US.

A good way to quickly check where the issue is in the cable / lamp is to use a non contact voltage dector like this - http://www.amazon.co.uk/DIGIFLEX-Voltage-Detector-90V~1000V-Tester/...

It will show where abouts there is no connection.

I think that the issue could be with the switch or the connection to the bulb holder if thies are ok then the whole cable will need replacing.

Does either the switch or the socket look rusty, corroded, or dirty?  My guess would be on the switch, and it's a fairly simple repair.  Replacement part isn't more than a couple bucks at a hardware store.  Sockets rarely go bad.

thanks. no, it all looks nice and new. amy

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