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Well I found two grande's on craigslist last week and emailed the owner. He said he had sold the two he had put up but as he was packing he found a third he forgot he had lol. He said come and pick it up it your free. This one he said always took for ever to heat up so he cracked it open and added salt to it to try and fix it and said it was a little better after that.  I got it home and turned it on nearly 12 hours barely moved.

What is the best thing to do ? Any suggestions.


I also have another cragislist Grande that is very cloudy is there any remedy for this or is goo kit the best option ?




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I would be very leary putting salt in the water and altering the chemistry.

If you have checked the coils (there should be 2) and they are okay, I think your best option is to GooKit it.


I have also found that 13 to 15mm wide continuous stainless steel compression springs give the best, and

most active flow. It does not particularly make it heat up much faster, but when it does get going, the flow

is faster and more lively instead of one big blob at the bottom, ever so slowly raising to the top and coming

back down like in slow motion.


Regarding your cloudy Grande. The only solution for this, outside of dumping and GooKitting, is filtering the

water with a MSR water filter pump.

I have filtered 3 of my China Grande's this way, and it makes them clear as drinking water.

It will remove some of the color, and you may have to filter it twice, but it is the only way to fix a cloudy China Grande.

Thanks guys. This has helped I have dumped the non-flowing one after experementing with some extra dish soap did not help much.

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