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Next New Color for Lunar for this end of the year ?


Do you know if Mathmos will release new colors for Lunar this end of the year ?
They offer new colors every year or only once in a while?
Thank you


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Thanks Marcel but i don't like Glitter effect ;-)

They do make new Lunar lava fills from time to time; you need to get yourself on their mailing list and then they email you as and when

I've done it, they said me that news will be released this autumn, let's see if new color for Lunar will be avaible. 

Wish I still had my Lunars :-(

Buy One ;-)

I'll keep my eye out but I think it would be weird not having my origionals now. 

Wonder what the new Mathmos stuff is in Autum. I want a metalic talstar same as the astros.

I am lucky enough to have Three of them and a lot of extra bottles in different colors :)

Lucky Man  :-)

Your bottles are way too expensive. Otherwise I have bought a couple.

Marcel said:

Mathmos rarely releases new colors, I do not think that is expected in the near future.
But here you can buy Glitter bottles for the Lunar in 12 different colors:

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