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I am really shocked at this auction - I really am...


Are these lamps getting that popular? What am I missing? If you shop around, you can buy 2 COMPLETE lamps for that price. Ugh.

Just WOW!

Oh and this one too - WTH is it??


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It's crazy,,,
yesterday I saw a dvd going for £3.00.. when last year I bought it for$90 :(:(:(
Depends, basically, on how intriguing the description of the item is, and on how many maniacs spot the listing and remember to bid...and I guess it depends on how many freaks bid just to see how much it goes, intending even not to pay the amount they bid.
I argree Some items on ebay go very high like a yellow dayglow jet bottle which i paid £26.00 and it didn't work. Then i got a refund and bought the yellow dayglow complete for £7.50 crazy. Also i see a astro metallic red go for £93 the other week boxed new and i got one the same time for only £10.00 which is one of my best ebay buys. It's crazy but just be patenice and wait until someone else sells one of these and you maybe luckly
Pathetically, the first one is just for the spray... not the lamp! Someone got screwed!
Check out that Flock Astro on ebay uk the other night, sold for over £410.00 Mint and boxed however, but still, crazy prices!
That's what I figured when I saw the auction. Lol. Pretty stupid really.
I have no background on fantasia lamps-what is a usual price on these? Are they still made or are they all vintage?
Fantasia items are no longer made. They stopped production in the early twentieth century. The average price for a lamp - including the lamp itself and the spray in good condition, can fetch upwards of $80-200 depending on the actual condition, it may go even higher as I have seen lately. As for the spray by itself - I can not see them exceeding 80 dollars at most. I even thought it would max out at 30/40. However it did not.

So either I am guessing wrong, or someone just really really wanted the spray. Or they thought the lamp came with. From my previous buying experience, the winner could have purchased 2 lamps with sprays for the same price as 1 spray.
The Buyer on the Red Metallic Astro was me- and I would have paid a lot more. Had to have it, and it was in flawless brand new condition- perfectly clear unlike the Green and Purple metallics I have that are very cloudy (useless).
Yeah not many auction from the uk post lava lamps worldwide, It's a great lamp and i run mine on a 30w bulb to keep them clear.

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