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In order to keep the moderation and suspension process transparent, we have decided to create this thread.  This is the permanent place, that is visible to all members, where Mods will list a suspension should one occur.  To read more about the OG Moderation Policy, click here.

The format:

Suspended:  john doe
Reason:  short description.  (example: language, personal attack)
Duration:  to be determined

NOTE: This thread is NOT the place for discussion.  Any posts by members will be deleted immediately.  If you wish to start an appropriate discussion, please post in the top level of OG Network Talk.

Thank you,
Mark Goo

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Suspended: Russell
Reason: Abusive posting, attacking other members
Duration: To be determined

Suspended: Oozinggoo
Reason: Abusive posting, attacking other members, Telling members to leave OG.
Duration: permanent

Suspended: Rob (Flooksta)

Reason: Foul Language in public chat, Attacking Members publicly and on personal pages with foul comments.

Duration: Permanent

Suspended:  rubyruby

Reason: Starting trouble/drama on the board, suspected duplicate account requesting Johny be banned.

Duration: Permanant.

Suspended: punkdoctor
Reason: Abusive and foul language in chat.Posting explicit links in chat.suspected duplicate account, referencing issues with auctions.

Duration: Permanant.

We are aware of current issues with account management.

This thread is meant only to post notices by moderators

Please do not discuss within this thread, feel free to start another thread.


Suspended:  Annabelle
Reason:  Immediate gravitation to attack members as first posts, Inappropriate links in chat room
Duration:  Permanant

Suspended:  KarenHadaway
Reason:  Immediate gravitation to attack people as first posts, Inappropriate links in chat room, Vulgar language on the forum
Duration:  Permanent


Stevelavalamp Same as above.

More flushing... This time I'm not leaving a name. 

For those of you who invite legit people.

Please let a moderator know This way we can work on their memberships sooner.

Ignore the bumps, I'll remove them later after y'all start to talk more.

I had to clear out the latest activity window on the right.

RayRichards, Another sick attempt to bother the community.  Flushed again.

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