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Ok everyone, I got the red/clear 20oz lava world that everyone is telling me to get rid of which I refuse to. It isn't flowing at all even if left on over night. What to do?

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I know Bohdan has given you some suggestions. I have also given you some suggestions, over the phone and online. Have you tried any of them? I searched online for you for bulbs so you can order them and give them a try. I have even searched craigslist for you for a midnight lamp that was like $10 bux so you could get a good lamp instead of the junkie 20oz china lamps out now. I even suggested you print out the coupon on here for Spencers and get a 52oz lamp that will flow much better than a 20oz ever will.

However, no offense to you and please do not take it that way - your back here asking how to get your 20oz to flow right. Going by the picture you showed me, it flows like it should. I tried explaining to you that pictures you see on here of flow are from 32/52oz lamps. Very few of them are 20oz. It has been said many times that the 20oz do not flow good and a 32 or 52 would be a better alternative.

Heck, I even told you to call lava world and get a replacement globe. Have you done that?

Not to be rude - but I know what your after and it's not going to happen. There is no quick fix. When something consistently does not work - you get rid of it, move along and find something that does. There is a point where you just call it quits because the time and energy put into something that still is not fixed is not worth it at that point.

Ditch the lamp or save it for parts and get a USA made lamp or a new china 52oz lamp. As I have told you before, eBay and people here would be more than willing to sell you a good lamp. Now, if money is an issue - that's a different story. Still does not change the fact that your 20oz lamp is crap and there is not much else to do with it.

My apologies for being crass, however it's just upsetting when someone asks for your advice, time and help - yet they don't listen or even try it. They just keep asking the same question over expecting a different answer.
Why would you even buy a crappy 20oz, they're all garbage and your supporting a BAD company. Just take it back and get an American 32oz, trust me you'll be much happier with it.
Listen to me it has stopped flowing completely and if you would have read thoroughly you would have saw that I am not looking for "better flow" I am looking for a flow. Jeez I swear it. Maybe I should go to a different site since everyone on here it seems are...........oooooooooo no this is stupid and don't reply to my stuff anymore!
Now this is a more reasonable reply. I don't buy from online usually when it comes to lava lamps because personally if I get a globe that is cloudy then I am going to have to ship it back and everything and it is just a hassle. So I just buy the 20 oz's from wal-mart. They don't sell the 32 oz. My other 20 oz does just fine. I mean great. Something about this one though is different. =/
If this is a new lamp and you have not "popped the cap", why not take it back for an exchange? If you can't return the lamp, you need to provide more information, such as
Does the wax melt? Does the wax rise to the top and stay there? Does the wax form a glob at the bottom? Is the wax adhering to the coil? Is the room temp around 72 degrees?
If you have opened and tried to fix the lamp, what did you change? If you added any water, that could ruin the flow.
Provide as much info as possible so that the Lava Masters can answer more quickly.
Have you ever heard the phrase beating a dead horse? That's happening here. You have been given excellent advice by several people including myself. Yet your not listening. There are other places in this world to shop other than WalCrap. Trust me.

I would rather have a cloudy working lamp than a non working crap one. If you listened, midnight lamps are never cloudy. If they are, it's super rare.

Again, call lava world and get a replacement and move on. If your not willing to listen, you should stop asking the same question. Flow or no flow.
I returned it :( it was sad to see I couldn't fix it. To everyone on here alot of people are finding 20oz's to be very popular :). Thank you bohdan
I'm limited in this area kris
I just took it back and got a different one and wow! This is flowing good!

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