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After seeing all those goo kittet lamps here i really dont want an ordinary colored lamp anymore..

Which made me wonder.. How many options are there to dye your wax ?


Can i as an example use the paint which you use to give a car a paint job ?

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oh gold and silver if you'r da ganster or subaru blue
would be cool .

I was thinking of white wax how to du that

Simple answer - unlimited colors for the wax.  You can always add a little of this color and a little of that and wind up with an unlimited array.  For my orange Tiki refill I primarily used orange, but also went with some red and yellow.


White wax is simple - add no colorant to the Goo base.

And this Goo kit from Amazon or E-bay works by the way :)


What i was thinking about was more like the source of the color.. Someone in here used markers to mix with the wax to make a nice color..And then i thought hey how about using car paint ?

well, the first step Da9L is that it be oil/wax based without anything that will break down the wax


Does any of you know if car paint is oil or wax based ?
I wouldn't use car paint. Car paint is a much different animal when comparing it to sharpie marker ink. I've tried oil based marker ink as well and it pretty much fizzles out when you dump into the wax. The markers I used were all water based so I would not try anything else.

gookit are only sold on ebay.




Ture-DK said:

And this Goo kit from Amazon or E-bay works by the way :)

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