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probably paid too much for this little buddy but I LOVE IT IT IS SO CUTE OMG

the glitter is SO china - moves around fairly slowly, not quick like my wizard but i still adore it and with my wizard's cap, it's like a little baby wizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awwwee that's cute!!!!

Was thinking it was a china version of a wizard but it is still a nice lamp 

That is cute, I thought that was a Wizard cap on top. Adds a bit of class!
Looks like really nice glitter formula there

yeah it's a blip! and it has officially stolen my wizard's cap, HAHA, i never take it off! and the glitter with the orange is so bright, i love it, even if it does move a little slowly :p i was totally thinking of getting a 20oz lava globe so i can switch it out every now and then!

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