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So I got my 52oz purple/yellow lamp yesterday. Heated it up and it was a bit lethargic. I'd get one big blob that would seperate, travel about halfway up the lamp and then fall back down, but not much else.
I picked the globe up out of the base, and I noticed there was about an inch or so of exposed coil. I've read about putting the globe on a solid surface and twisting it, but I'm not exactly sure what's involved. I know it SOUNDS simple, but I don't want to just guess and mess up.
So, I fully heat the lamp, set it on the top of a table or something sturdy, the I just rotate it around while keeping the lamp as stationary as possible? How fast do I do it? Do I make full rotations, or just slight twisting? Do I make slow controlled twists? Or fast sharp twisting?

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The cheaper bottle cappers - "hand cappers" won't work as they need a neck on the bottle for proper grip. The lava lamp globes do not have a big enough neck. It is too short. Hence the need for a bench capper.

The clear greens seem to flow perfectly out of the box. The only thing I had to do with mine, was filter it to remove the cloudiness. After that, it was perfection.

Keep an eye on this thread - http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/spencers-25-off-coupona-gift...

That's the Spencers coupon thread. Thanks to the people there, I purchased 4, 52oz lamps for the price of 2. I pretty much got a buy 1 get 1 free.
Oh wow, awesome! I'll check that out :)
And darn, that's a shame. Maybe I can still figure out a way to get someone with a bench capper to let me use it for a few minutes :)
I actually know a guy who does homebrewing. Maybe I can borrow his for a bit :)

And my clear/green is flowing great so far. Even better than my purple/pink flowed the first time I used it. There are a few little boogery flecks floating in it though. Other than that, it's even nice and clear :).
Yeah, if your not going to be recapping on a regular basis, it might be a waste of money. They cost $35/45 depending on locale.

Some lamps flow better than others OTB (out of the box). If you are really interested in lavas, check craigs list for a midnight or silver streak 32oz lamp. They are USA made and flow really nice. Unless you are me and every midnight you get doesn't flow worth a damn. Lol.

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