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Phasing out of incandescents in the US - what are your plans?

I had originally thought that we had more time, but on the local news this week, they said 100W are no longer being made and then there will be a gradual phase-out in the next two years. I've read many conflicting reports on the ban vs. phase out. 

My questions are this: Can anyone find a definitive timeline for which bulbs are being phased out when? AND, what about all the little specialty bulbs...will those go, too? 

I don't like CFLs or LEDs!

I'm taking inventory and seeing what I should buy:

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my plans are to buy from china, though the local reports here are saying that not all bulbs are going to be phased out only larger wattages. 

Where do you buy from China? eBay?

so far I have been using replacementlightbulbs.com, I have a couple lamps that have really odd sized bulbs and this was the only place I could find them

Thanks for the tip. I get my stuff from lightbulbemporium.com right now. 

Alright found these 100 watt r20 supralife ordered a case they have lots more but only limited supplies on hand. They told me they have lots worldwide but they have to get them shiped to the states..


 I also asked about 200watt r40 flood they're checking into it and will get back with me. I will keep you posted.

hey Erin that second link takes me to a 30 watt bulb... That first one you listed might work sure is cheap!!  It's a 2000 hour bulb. the supra life ones claim 10000 hours. I'd welcome any feedback on these.

I deleted my 2nd link so as not to confuse anyone. That link I posted...they look bigger than the ones we normally use for Grandes, but I don't see why they wouldn't work. 

you can bet the satco is what everyone gets as a typical incandescent flood light bulb. To heat a small pool it would have to be in a sealed enclosure. I measured a duramax bulb and it's the same. 

I wish too for some more concrete, long-term solutions/answers...hoarding and bulk purchases are only gonna get us so far...
Definitely hard to find a solid word about this, anywhere I look. Can't remember where I read it, plus donno if it's true, but the guy said the bulbs we need will still be made, in other countries-
Wish lamp manufacturers would post a word about future plans. I know I'm not spending money toward new lamps, with no assurance I can keep it lit up!

Side note-got burned pretty good by one of those cork-screw looking bulbs... I thought they weren't supposed to put out much heat, but it was HOT and left me thinking perhaps there won't be such a problem...


This was my solution. If I remember right they are only banning light bulbs over 60 watts so I am good except for my excalibur lamps.


I can't find a solid word either. I believe they ARE phasing out 60W bulbs, as they are the most common. But yes, concrete answers would be nice. 

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