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So I thought... We have a great music thread, random topic thread and various lava/glitter/fiber/rain/plasma/wave/motion image threads. I think we need one to support general photography, unique images and moving pictures (e.g. gifs and other things that move). Maybe it will be a quiet thread maybe it will get rowdy. I could be talking to myself here! Post images that move you, excite you, make you laugh maybe even cry! Express with imagery!

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To start, I drive by this lady every day. She holds the same pose yet changes outfits for no apparent reason (yes it is a mannequin making it rather creepier). What does she promote? Coffee.

Also, pinsetters!

Just a little lava;



Still trying to figure out if that last one has been 'enhanced'

Blue USA, and china problems;


And my happy place, makes me fly to neverland. 


China's got 99 problems and constant flipped coils is also one! Gets 'em every time!

Keith said:

Blue USA, and china problems;


Here are some mountain ranges from China with enhanced layers and ridges, fly wherever you want to go!

Keith said:

And my happy place, makes me fly to neverland. 


Just some good old boys... Some SFW porn, will trade half of each internal organ for one.

Click Clack

Here's some I really like! 

E.T cant phone home, he is my prisoner....

Typical day at my house


I am here to drink that waterfall

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