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I have seen many beautiful pictures of lava on this site. I am wondering how you guys take such great pictures without a flash glare on the glass. I have a good camera, but whenever I turn off the flash, the camera holds the shutter open longer, and the picture blurs. Are all of the people here using tripods?

Would love some info on how to get a good picture.

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I would like to know the answer to this also. I also have problems taking pic of lamps.

I can answer!!
You have to install the camera on a tripod so that the shutter stays open longer and more light comes in, without glares.
Anyway you have to select a good combo between shutter speed and aperture... letting it stay to long may alter the colours anyway, which may be an artistic choice.
OK, so I guess I was wrong. Everybody here does use a tripod.
Ok great info. I will half to get am tripod.

You don't have to use a tripod. Just find some sturdy object to set the camera on or to steady your hand on. Chairs, desks, your wife's head, etc. Anything will do.
Yes, well some of us don't have such high-tech thingamajigs as you do. Mine does not have a delayed flash setting :-(

(No offense by the above, sarcasm)
If you hold in your breath before you press it will steady you.
Really? That's cool. I'll have to try that.
Also you can sit the camera on something steady and use the timer delay (I think most cameras have them these days...), so that you don't wobble it as you push the button down to take the shot - works a treat!

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