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Hot Rockets Yellow and Blue (Green) lamp from Walmart. Please take note of the floating debris. Its not just little balls of wax but also this glassy like substance that never melts. It looks like glitter almost. Bohdan says this will go away with time but that has yet to happen on mine.

2 Hot Rockets Yellow and Blue (Green) lamp from Walmart. They were 10.00 each. Notice the Martin smartMAC in the far left hand side, that light cost 2k and its much better then a Lava lamp but in a different way. Every light has its uses.

The box that the Hot Rockets comes in.

This is my set of Creative Motion brand "Liquid Metal" Lava lamps. They go for 20.00 each and they sell from Edmund Scientific. The blue one in the center is the only one that isn't cloudy.

The living room overlooks Venus (35mm Projector). The lava lamp in the far left is a late 90s Creative Motion. Its very simmilar to the newer Hot Rockets except the wax tends to get clumped up at the top, I don't know why.

MST3K never gets old. The Lava lamps set a nice ambience to the evening. I deeply enjoy turning my living space into something weird and wimsical with lighting like this on the weekends. Its my wierdness, its lots of fun. I doubt I'm alone here (?).

My Lavaworld Blue and White 20oz lamp back light by my two Martin smartMACs.

More of the same but with an out of focus pin hole gobo on the sMACs.

Thats it.

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I really like the creative motion liquid metal lamps. Very nice. Love the last 2 pics too!
beautiful pics. do you have something shinning on the wall?
Thank you for all your kind replies!

For a hobbist of lighting (not a professional mobile DJ or theater LD), I have a modest collection of Martin lights. Those projections come from two of my newest lights from them. These were my favorite toys till I got my 09 MINI.

Heres the web link to the sMAC page:

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