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Hello, I have been looking up prices for shipping or posting lamps that I am going to sell. When I look at the "restrictions" lists for all the shippers, most don't allow glass items or oils - although I'm not sure exactly what the oils in the lamps are - but I presume that they are restricted. I have sold lamps to the States and beyond a while back, but I think it was before the not sending liquids came into force.

Is it ok, or am I best to be liberal with the truth and not mention what sort of lamp I am shipping to the courier? Anyone had any problems? Thanks in advance.

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Ive recieved lamps through the USPS UPS and FedEx with no issues.
You're not "suppose" to ship liquids or the like. However, it happens all the time. If they ask what it is, say something else. Something fragile but not "dangerous". :)
Im guessing each post office might be alittle different but at mine if you tell them its a lava lamp (glass w/ liquid) they hand it back to you and say sorry. I have always used the post office to ship lava lamps but I tell them its a lamp....and of course they always ask "any liquids, flammables, perfumes or hazardous items" which I answer "no" I have been lucky they have never lost or broke one yet !! At the UPS store they will ship a lava lamp but they have to package the lamp in store which runs anywhere from $20 to $50....not worth it. Never tried shipping with FedEx but LavaWorld uses them so im sure they know what they are shipping, I have also received lavas thru FedEx with no problems. Pick your poison.

i shipped a lamp yesterday...they said any liquids...i told them it was a lava lamp with water and wax in it....they stuck a fragile sticker on it and away it went......

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