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since the first Living Jewel lamp I got, I have the project to make one big Living Jewel bottle for my Lunar.

I don't know if it was done before, but there will be some difficulties to do one.

So if you can help me, thank you.

1-First I have to find at least 6 bottles (I've got 3 now, but I want to keep 2 of them, so only 1 available right now for my project, if you've got one to sell, let me know please)

2-How to open them? The cap is sealed with glue (what kind?).

Is it safe to heat the bottle with boiling water like I do for "normal" bottles?

3-Anyone has got any idea how to pour the liquid in the Lunar in a way to minimise vaporisation of the liquid? (wind is no good, so it may be better to do it inside, even it's toxic)

4- How to pefectly seal the bottle when it's full?

The seal must be solvent proof.

5- What bulb to use on the Lunar?

A normal Living Jewel bottle runs great on 15w bulb, and the max advised power to use is 25w (I saw one running with a 30w bulb)

In a big 4.5l Lunar bottle, what do you think will be the best bulb? (

Hot enough to run the lamp fast, but not too hot to avoid risks of breaking the lamp.

By the way, I think Arne said something about a Lunar Bottle who had blow away, anyone heard about this?

Again, if you can help in any way (advices, bottles) you're welcome.

I really want to make this Living Jewel Lunar.

Thank you.

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I want to thanks the people who helped me to get some of the bottles, so thank Modulo, Arne and Collin.

Without you, I'd still be searching for other bottles (and it was long enough!)

And thanks also to the people who bought me some of my Cosmos lamps (they partially financed this project)


I uploaded a small video teaser to wait until a longer video:


Now I have made my Living Jewel bottle for my Lunar, I want to do another one for my second Lunar!

Do you think I should see a doctor?

Nah were all crazy here
Astralav said:

Now I have made my Living Jewel bottle for my Lunar, I want to do another one for my second Lunar!

Do you think I should see a doctor?

Yes I know, but some are crazier than others :-)

Ii know i am one of them lol

we need a cure!

WHy its more fun this way the world is bright everyday because of people like us

you're right :-)

Yup seem to be a lot of the times if only people knew how to listen to others on their veiws without criticism


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