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 Hey everyone I have a Grande without a light bulb and I was wondering where to get the proper bulb. I believe it is the 100watt r20 base. I have looked them up on Amazon and the reviews are not very positive, so where is the best place to buy them?

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Hi, i am new to this forum. I am a Hardware design engineer. I found the discussion interesting here. Can you please share some details related with Grande here? Whar are its specifications etc? Why does it need the bulb?

Hi Steve,

They can be purchased directly from Lava Lite on their site, however it is a bit pricey (5-6 dollars a bulb plus shipping). If you have any lighting stores nearby, I would highly recommend you check them. A lot of them have old stock and if you can find a store that has them, they range from 2-3 dollars a piece. I found such a store nearby and stock piled, as they are only going to get pricier as time goes by. 

 I went to the spencers here and they also informed me it was only available online and I saw the price was pretty high. I have a few lighting stores around here what wattage am I looking for? and base type if needed.


R20 100 Watt flood light bulb is what you need. Used in all Giant/Grande lamps excluding glitter Grandes. 

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