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my ups man just came to the door with my lamp. the box was already open. he opened it because it was dripping every where. It had busted and he said he would fire it back at them. I have already contacted lavalites. what should i expect? are they good about that sort of thing? i dont have the lamp in my possesion.

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Ask for a refund and don't buy another.
why not buy another?
yeah, but where i am it takes one day....so ni figured it would be fine, but it got cold unexpectedly. its supposed to warm up this week, so i will try again
yeah, the box only had a lil bit of paper in there to keep it from breaking. It was a 52 onz
the lamp is a lava brand. il prolly goto allthingsthat glow for this one.
You should just go to Spencer Gifts at the mall for a 52oz. Or is it Spencers I forget. You should see if Wal-mart has the grandes in your area. Although I like the older lava world grandes better I have had good service from lava lite I believe creative motion lamps can be found at Big Lots. Target used to carry lava brand as well as Costco and Kohl's Ross dress for less. I think end of the rainbow still has those custom colors globes orange white 52oz. are awesome
I actually had good luck with about a half dozen of their lamps I bought when they had free shipping which is a big deal when shipping stuff like that to Canada. They were clear, and work well. I also had a bust one delivered in a box with a couple others, and you'd swear they broke that one on purpose, put it in a plastic bag, and put it in with the rest. The other two in the box were fine actually. Then on a different order, they forgot 2 of the 52oz. I ordered, and as for their customer service, I've emailed, I've called, I've sent a singing telegram, and no response, nothing... NO customer service!! I was planning on redoing the ones that didn't work, so as long as they were in one piece, all but 1 of them, I was a happy camper. However, they still ripped me off for 2 and broke 1 for me. I think we're both S.O.L.
Just to clarify, www.lavalites.com is not the LavaLite company, its Steele Supply Company. I have purchased from them before with no problem but it was awhile ago. They are located in Michigan...where are you having the lamps shipped to ? Email them and let them know what happened, I have never heard anyone having problems with them.

they just told me that they would refund me, so that is cool. where would be a good online place to get some? i like the way allthingsthatglow.com looks. Im in southern ohio. its not a good place to go shopping....
wow! thanks! that is an awesome site!

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