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I have 3 lava lamps, a 1998 blue/ white midnight starship, a 1995 clear/red midnight, and a 1993 aristocrat. I had them all running at once and the most noticeable difference was the glass. The 2 32oz globes have almost an orange peel texture to them (they aren't shiny) and they are full of bubbles, while the aristocrat's glass is crystal clear with very few bubbles and a very smooth surface. Does anyone know if lava lite changed glass manufacturers when they switched from screw caps to bottle caps. I am also looking for an American made giant, is their glass completely clear? I don't know if this bothers anyone else, but it really bothers me to see the glass more than the contents. Also what is mathmos's current glass quality like?

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Mathmos has great globes.... however there's is always a chance of getting a bad one. All of the Mathmos lamps I own have very few, and some have none at all.  My Giant dose not have many bubbles they where hand blown globes.

Glass flaws drive me bonkers...hard to see past them. o.O

I know, the clear/ red midnight I have has a nice flow to it, but there are grooves and bubbles all through the glass. When I look at it that's all I see. I might move the contents to a better bottle, if I can find one cheap that is cloudy or something, but with nice glass.

Out of all my USA lamps id say 80% of them have GREAT glass, with very few bubbles but not completely free of bubbles. The other 20% do have bubbles, some quite a bit, but i cannot tell why some have bubbles and another USA globe from the same year dont.

90% of my China globes are pretty bad with one or two being really bad. I have now 3 grandes, they all have way better glass quality than i expected but still a couple bubbles and some scratches.

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