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After a series of stupid mistakes, I managed to crack 2 vintage 52oz screw-top globes. Globe A: I started rinsing out while still warm (was following a rebuild guide.) Globe B: I bought a beautiful red ooz/clearish-orange fluid lamp over the weekend, but it cracked from overheating (I had too hot of a bulb in the base) Granted, with forethought, I could have avoided both scenarios, but what's done is done. At any rate, it seems that replacement 52oz screw-top glass are practically impossible to find.

My question- has anyone substituted a modern 52oz globe in one of these vintage lamps? I wonder how the results would be if I were to cut out the threads in the caps and set them on top of the new globe to hide the crimped bottle cap. This would be great as it seems cheap lamps of the same size are available and it would be a way to save the red ooze and fluid. (it worked great) Thanks in advance!

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Here's a picture of a Chinese LL bottle with an extra screw cap sitting on top. No need to cut threads. The only trouble with the new bottles is they tend to have many more bubbles than the older ones.

Wow, that looks like it was made to go there! Glad that it isn't necessary to cut the cap as it still leaves the chance to go back to an original globe. The bubbles in the glass (I assume that's what you mean) don't bother me too much, the globes that I had contained a lot of them. This makes me feel so much better about the situation, thanks!

Also you can look on ebay for lamps that have cracked screw-caps.  Maybe make an offer as most of these don't sell too well.

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