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Does anyone one know how many different colors came it. Or if it came in champaigne mist? I just bought one that from the picture looked orange, but received it and it wasnt(when I looked back at the listing the seller did warn about the bad coloring of the pic. I cant tell if it something faded or it kind of looks like champaigne mist...I have never seen one in person, and rarely on ebay. The cap of the globe is in excellent condition and the flowers are practically new looking. I will post pics when it gets flowing. Was the enchantress planter ever made in champaigne mist. The sticker says model 8200N 1977

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here is the picture
It was taken about 4pm. Thats the funny thing about this lamp. When the lamp is not lit the lava looks cream colored and the liquid kind of ivory-ish.

On ebay, it looked like orange liquid. as in the pic below from ebay...talk about this picture missing it by a mile.

What this is, by my guess, is a faded green/blue. Seriously. By the time these Enchantress Planters came out, what they called "orange/yellow" was really DARK RED/yellow. But the green/blue's "green" actually varied, starting GREEN in the 60s, becoming minty or sage green, and finally becoming cream. Mind you, the 80s changes to "white/blue" and "red/yellow" were in name only.

With age, the blue liquid turns clear and sometimes clouds, and the cream lava can go anywhere from orange to a pale rootbeer color. The cloudiness in this is likely not intentional.

These Enchantress Planters came in four colors: Orange/yellow (really RED/yellow), green/blue (really cream/blue), red/clear, and the rare lime/green - lime green lava in slightly darker green liquid.

The earlier slender, so-called "Elegant" Enchantresses came in the wild colors but, still, not Champagne Mist.
Thank you so much for the info. It's pretty whatever it originally was. I was hoping it was orange like the pic on ebay (I should know better) Thought it would look nice with my orange mist elegant. My hubby strongly dislikes the ones with flowers so I will probably end up reselling it.
If you like it and he doesn't, you could sell it, OR, sell the flowers (which are the true original set) and put something else in the tray. I once filled one with broken auto safety glass bits! Some people use them to keep keys...
jonas ! you seem to be the man to know as a lavaboiler lover. how on earth did u manage
to get this image together where you "classify" the different lavaboilers!??? it is gorgeous.
did u do that!? i was shocked when i saw what other different style there are, amazing ! i got
12 lavaboilers and only one twice, the tall f.vaudan tube, the largest i have seen, both with orange
beads. all others vary in lots of detail.
best wishes, G

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