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So I just purchased one of these the other day, green, on eBay where the listing assured me that was working.  By the time it arrived at my home, it was definitely not.  As I pulled it from its box, I noticed a curious brown silt in the bottom of the globe, and as I tilted the globe, there was a larger piece.  I'm not sure if was the impeller or a magnet.  Either way, I turned it on to see if it worked and it lit up, so ya know that light bulb still works, but nothing swirled. Well, nothing was compelled to swirl. 

I'm pretty disappointed because it was going to be the Dr. Bunsen Honeydew to my Beaker in my Muppet Lava lamp tableau. I've already been issued a refund by the seller, so it's mine to do with as I wish.   I would like to fix it if at all possible.  I've seen a YouTube with some posts about fixing them, but no one outlines how they did it. Has anyone here managed to fix one successfully?  

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