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Rare 32WG Multicolor Wizard with Fuchsia Base and Cap Found Today

I found this Wizard in South Austin this morning.  I paid $5.  

I've never seen a fuchsia-colored Wizard base and cap before.

The 32WG multicolor globe looks like it was once clear.  The Lava Library says it should be red liquid, but this 32WG definitely didn't have red liquid.  

Unfortunately, the gold or gold/yellow glitter has bled its yellow color into the liquid.  The red and blue/green glitter is still fine.  The glitter flows great for a couple of hours, and then stalls and sinks to the bottom of the globe.

I'm itching to restore the liquid and glitter.  What do you think?  Should I do it, or leave it as I found it?

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Thanks for the votes of confidence!  I think I'll make up a new globe from the spares I have until I get it the way I like it.  I'll take videos of both old and new.

I sure wish there was a picture of a 32WG in original condition, though.

I'm not too sure anyone's ever seen that base/cap color, Kirk.  Maybe it was a prototype or something?   It looks like a factory paint job and not like someone painted it.   I'm too lazy right now to look at 3:45 A. M., but what color is 32WG. Is it that multi-color?   Yes, I am drooling over that color Wizard base/cap...........;-))

Lib - 32WG is supposed to be red, multicolor glitter.  I really can't see how this one was ever red, even light red,  but it may have been.  Unfortunately, it looks like it had a rough life and was run too long and too hot.

I guess it's also possible that excessive heat for long periods could have transformed a red base and cap into fuchsia, but the color of the base and cap is just so uniformly fuchsia.  It really looks like it was originally fuchsia.

You think you've seen it all, and then something like this wizard turns up.  Keeps it interesting. 

Could the sun shining on the whole thing uniformly faded it?  Sounds weird though.  Usually if the sun is going to fade something, it fades only on the side facing the sun.  I wonder if it was a botched paint job at the factory that just didn't come out dark enough red and looks to be fushia?  That is interesting.  Just like Vox scored a multiglitter Wiz NIB that said it was supposed to be silver, but ooops to his benefit!!  Maybe your's was an oppos too from LL back in the good ole days!!

Here is a video of the globe refilled with my clear liquid and a fuchsia multicolor mix. The glitter mix is mostly fuchsia dust glitter with some blue, green, and gold, too. I love it!

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