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I reluctantly had to open a rare globe awhile back to get some separated wax back together. I had never really got the cap back on correctly and never was 100% sure which capper to buy. I had read somewhere here (ok, just found it. Duh. Thanks Autumn!) that you could use a hose clamp to crimp the cap back on, and being that was a cheap option to try, today I tried it. 

Got this at the hardware store less than $2.

I put something between the clamp and the bottlecap so I wouldn't do any damage to the cap or scrape any paint off. Tighten!

No drips or leaks!

Not saying this is the best method, but it works for me, and it's cheap. I think part of the success with this method will have to do with how gently and evenly you pry off the cap in the first place. I was very careful not to bend the cap too much when removing it. 

Noting revolutionary here, just sharing. :) Hope it helps someone out.

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I like the added touch of the cloth.  I have done this a few times (without a cloth) and it works great

I am happy with the results! So cheap, too! 

If I want to do a goo kit to a "screw on" type bottle, do I need to do anything special when I put it back together? Or do I just need to give it a good snug twist?

snug twist 

Cool Thanx

Gwen Williams said:

snug twist 

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