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So I opened up one of my lavas that had (and unfortunately still has) water bubbles in the wax.

I manager to get rid of most, but since I ran it without cap for some time, a little of the water has evaporated and the overall level at the top has lowered.

What to do? Will just the right quantity of distilled water do? Distilled right? Not demineralized water.


I’ seal it back once I’ll have it at the right level.


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How did you got rid of the bubbles?

I bought a vacuum pump and use a very thick jar

Results vary depending on the age of the wax

Can you stay on topic? I asked a different question...

I AM on Topic

Just like a lava and candle wax brewers, I use a vacuum pump to eliminate bubbles.

I keep it under negative pressure for a few hours

Some older wax, that is separating is near impossible to stop it from bubbling,
I just went through this exact same scenario with a schilling referral who owned a vintage century restoration.
Even under vacuum it created more bubbles and separated when ity was reheated. I just gave up and restored it with a semi- vintage goo foruml



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