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Hi I live in the UK and need advice on replacing my bulb, Ive gone through all discussions and am not feeling very hopeful, Ive looked at other bulbs but can not get the wattage needed, I see LavaLite are making them again,? could they be using the same style bulb? will i need to buy a new base and get it rewired for the UK, Help, my colossus is sat dormant and I miss it working.

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I'm in the USA and have no idea what the electrical devices are like in the UK.
plugs, voltages, sockets etc.
So I'm not sure if you want to go this route or not.
If you do, your on your own.
Personally, i would do this as a last resort.
I bought my current colossus 2nd hand (before someone posted a msg on here about them have a warehouse
of them). The guy i bought it from could not get  the replacement bulbs(200w at that time).
So he bought 300w bulbs instead.
The 300w bulb is taller than the 200w bulb....
so he modified the base to use the 300w bulb.
This involved disconnecting the bracket (holding the bulb socket) and bending
it so that the 300w bulb would sit lower in the base...and not stick out.

Using a 300w bulb probably has its own disadvantages.
Probably burns hotter.
Will it cause an electrical fire? etc etc



Troy now thats a thought, as its got a dimmer that could work?


  I'm usually paranoid about altering anything that has warnings like "200w" max bulb etc.
  I am not an electrician or electronics expert by any means
  My main concern for you would be to make sure that a 300w lamp will not cause the wiring

  to heat up, dimmer to heat up. I have no idea what the specs are on these items.

  I do know that the 300w bulb i have burns at 450+ degree (farenheit) turned all the way up.

  Plus you also have to worry about taking the socket bracket off, bending it and re attached it
to the base. I mentioned this in a previous post.

The guy who sold me the lamp did not reattached the bracket to the base. IT was 'scotch taped'
to the bottom of the base(no...i'm not kidding). I drilled 4 hole in the bottom of the base and riveted
the bracket. This creates metal shavings which you do not want to get into the socket, dimmer etc mechs.

  Another thing to consider....it is difficult to screw these bulbs into the socket at this point.

I didn't have a suction cup to use (that would be a BIG help) so i sort if winged it and slowly
dropped the bulb into the socket.

be careful....

Anybody else got any advice on where to buy a replacement bulb for a colossus? I am thinking about buying a 2nd hand Colossus here in the UK but it doesn't have a bulb so I am looking to source one. It seems crazy that they are not readily available.

Hi Liam I spoke with customer services at Lavalite who presently are making colossus, she said to use a 250watt heat bulb but you must use the dimmer to adjust it down,,  http://www.solwayfeeders.com/products/infrared-bulb-clear-250-watt-..., hope this helps

Liam not sure you wont have to do an adjustment, as the bulb may be longer

Thanks very much for the info Karen. Have you got yours up and running again??
What is the actual specification for a colossus bulb??

200 watt bulb, was the R100 b

ut they no longer make them, but if Neil could leave a link, we may have to adjust the height of the bulb holder part, sorry for not getting back sooner xxx Cheers Neil gonna check it out now,

Karen, I've just ordered one of these bulbs from this German website:


Hi Liam wow well found, what about the voltage is that cool with our supply, bulb is slightly bigger, cant wait for you to say how you get on,

It's been an interesting 24 hours for me.

Firstly, I collected my new (2nd hand) colossus lava lamp up from Essex in UK. I bought it for the relatively modest sum of £160 so I was quite happy.

Then I got home to discover that the bulbs I ordered had arrived. The voltage and wattage are both fine but alas, the bulb is slightly too long so I will have to convert the bass so that it will fit. Back to the drawing board for now.

Finally, yesterday evening, I discovered that the piano player in my band (my other hobby) is the grandson of none other than Edward Craven Walker!! 

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