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Hi I live in the UK and need advice on replacing my bulb, Ive gone through all discussions and am not feeling very hopeful, Ive looked at other bulbs but can not get the wattage needed, I see LavaLite are making them again,? could they be using the same style bulb? will i need to buy a new base and get it rewired for the UK, Help, my colossus is sat dormant and I miss it working.

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Hi Liam great to hear once you have adjusted the height to lower will the head of the bulb fit in?? seen the web site really happy, my heat bulb arrived but got to wait for the hubby to come home as i cant lift the lamp off the base lol,  Its a strange world we live in fancy you having all these issues with a lava lamp then meet the grandson lol getting excited for you woo hoo

Did you order the same bulb Karen and have you altered the base of your Colossus? Any tips? I think the bulb should fit fine once lowered a couple of inches.

Do you happen to know what the distance was between the original bulb and the bottle?? I don't want to alter it so it is too far or too close to the bottle. Thanks.

Once hubby home I can get the original bulb out and measure it for you okay, no i ordered a heat bulb, but would buy the ones you found as that was the original style bulb, its exciting lol

Great. Thanks very much.

Iam so sorry not to get back to you, been so much upset, in my family we have had a bad event, and this was not so important, I promise this weekend ill get the bulb and give you the measurements, I hope you got your lava lamp working. and Liam so sorry x

Is it wired for the usa already?

Metallica man Trevor said:

Is it wired for the usa already?
no its UK, were having probs sourcing bulbs

Hi Karen. Don't worry, it's no problem at all. Lava lamps are very insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Sorry to hear you have had family problems and I hope everything is okay. 

Liam Thank you.things are getting easier now.  Did you manage to get the bulb working

I've not had much success to be honest. I altered the base to fit the larger bulbs but the Lamp hasn't worked properly. No decent flow. I'm not sure if the bulb is too far away from the globe or perhaps the Lava is just messed up and won't flow properly. Or it could be that my house is just to cold for it to work properly. It's been a disappointment.

Oh no, that's too bad, mine was like that when I first got it then found the dimmer switch and turned it up, lol, not blonde for nothing. I will get those measurements and it may be too far away, I have ordered a bulb from your site so hopefully will get mine going again

Is it not getting hot enough? or fully or half disconnecting from the coil? with just a stuck blob at the bottom?

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