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Hello everyone, I know many of you are on the hunt or know of someone on the hunt for replacement fiber optics for their Fantasia lamp. Look no further!! As you all may or may not know already. I am currently in the process of making replacement glass fiber optic sprays. These will be identical to the original Fantasia sprays. I am overwhelmed with pre-orders and will most likely have a supply and demand issue on my hands at first, so I will do my best to have enough on hand when I begin selling them to go around. The first sprays that will be rolling out will be for the Sunburst 4000 model, Cosmos 5000 model, Regency 4001 model. All previous model Fantasia lamps, Cuda etc will have replacements as I make them available. These I hope to have ready by early to mid summer.

The large fiber optic sprays that will first be available, will be available in two lengths. The first one being a 14" spray that when inserted will hang and display its ends about mid globe on a Sunburst 4000.
The second length spray will be 18" long and is generally seen on the Black Sunburst 4000 model "Egg Shape" But will fit the Chrome and gold model Sunburst 4000 model lamps also.

The Cosmos lamp will need a measurement specific spray tailored for a exact fit within the lamp, essentialy the 14" spray should fit with no problems however I would not mind some feedback on the length of the fiber optic spray from a Cosmos 5000 model. "Measure from the ferrule to the end tips of the fibers, I know multiple sprays were used on the Cosmos, some shorter than others, just reply to this discussion with the measurements, please and thank you! :-)

These fiber optic sprays are in no way easy to make and will be made by hand and not in a factory, the cost of materials, especially the glass fiber optics is a bit pricy, the work and the process that goes into getting a spray fully assembled from start to finish with a haircut takes a bit of time. The price tag on these sprays will be most likely in the neighborhood of $100-125 each, that will be determined when they are made available for sale. I am a quality person and will make the price tag worth it's cost. I know you all know these sprays are not available anywhere unless you purchase another lamp somewhere and snag it's spray for a replacement.

keep your eyes peeled on ebay for these sprays as this will be where I will be hosting them for sale first as where I also have many other Fantasia related replacement parts for sale, color wheels etc. I will also give a heads up to you all on here prior to me listing them on ebay. Reply to this thread to give me an idea of how many "goo members" alone I will be helping out with sprays. I look forward in helping many of you get your vintage Fantasia lamps back!!
As a heads up I WILL NOT be offering "Heat Formed" replacement sprays as the process in doing this is very involved and requires special techniques and equipment I do not have access to, perhaps down the road when the lighting business I am trying to get launched is successfully up and running.

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Hi. I am looking for a replacement spray for my Aussie Sunlo Pty Ltd fibre optic lamp.  The glass fibre optic spray is approx 40cm long and 1.75cm across the base of the spray (incl the metal band) when you get around to manufacturing replacements sprays.  I have pics of the lamp and the spray if rqd.  tks. 

I just found your site and signed up for it. I just purchased a Fantasia 5000 Cosmos lamp and it's being delivered next week. The seller mentioned to me that there has been some shedding of fibers over the years he's had it so I would be very interested in either having you add more fibers to the existing spray (if that is possible) or buy a replacement custom spray that you mentioned. I will have the measurements for you next week when I receive it. I am pretty sure the spray is 14" tall but I wonder if a 16-18" would work and look better within the acrylic dome. Please email me at cvanmack@gmail.com and I will keep in touch regarding this lamp. Glad to have found you on this site! Cheers from NYC.


I have a background in optics and have worked with fibers over the years including cutting and heat treating.  I think a cottage/industrial environment is best for research/production of this product.  I know a few glass blowers who have made sprays and the problems they encountered  Sounds like fun and wish I was closer to NYC. 

Please keep me in the loop and count me in for at least 4 sprays.  Oh and I would accept and "untrimmed" spray and work on myself in the proper environment.

Cheers, Jethro

Hi! I'm looking for a replacement spray for a Firefly 1101. I've had it so many years, it has gotten dirty with dust and shed quite a bit. Please let me know when I can get a spray for this model. Thanks!



I love this site, and would love to find a good source of fiber! ;)

Please keep me posted.

Yours truly,


when are the sunburst 4000 18" spray strands going to be available?

Unfortunately I believe he had to give up on making replacement fiber optic sprays. 


Yes that is the unfortunate truth. I gave up making the sprays because I was running into "shaping issues" it was very time consuming and very nerve racking. You need a very big open space, patience and preferably a barber or hair dresser to help trim them. I ended up getting nervous as I would trim the sprays in my workshop the little fragments would fly everywhere including some on my clothes! If any of you have never had a fiber optic glass splinter I have one word of advice, never get one! You do not want these invisible splinters in your skin. There was also a liability issue I was facing having to sell them. This is exactally why the original fantasia owner (president) sold the company. They were beginning to get a lot of lawsuits regarding the glass fiber optics and the problem with people getting the splinters and some even needing surgical removal! So when I moved to Florida last month from NY I decided to leave the fantasia spray making business and color wheel business behind. I would be more than willing to help instruct any willing person looking to make the sprays and for the record the plastic fiber optics do not and will not work, been there done that. The weight of the glass fiber optics is what dictates how the spray will drape and Form it's canopy. The less weight the more they stand up. Plastic fiber optics stay coiled and lack weight, plus they kink and bend. I do apologize for not being able to continue this. I know many had high hopes of getting their hands on the replacement sprays.

I'd thought about making my own replacement sprays, (for my own use only), and had some ideas how to start.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a source for glass fiber optics.  In the meantime, I purchased several Fantasia lamps, including the custom built "Fantasia Cosmos 2" Model 5000 posted on YouTube, (which I'm still enjoying immensely), and a regular Cosmos 2000 from ebay. 

I'm still thinking about trying my hand at making a replacement spray.  How difficult would it be to provide instructions, (including parts lists, types of epoxy, etc.), and possible material sources?   For final trimming, I'd probably want to cover head to toe with something disposable and be sure to wear safety glasses.

I have thought about beginning the initial trim under water.  (Years ago, I'd been told glass could be "cut" with scissors under water.  When I broke a round telescopic sun filter, I remember trimming a piece of replacement glass under water with a pair of kitchen scissors, which worked pretty well. The edges had small chips, which were covered by the housing.)

This sold today, a spray for $372.00!   I hope this helps you (or someone) work on a solution.  Might you be interested in sharing the information you have?  I'd be interested in trying to make one.


I have opened a new discussion with a lot of information regarding Spray making and also communications between me and one of fantasias designers
I am interested in a new spray for the sunburst 4000 but don't think I could make one. Thanks susan

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