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Hello all! 1st post here from an aspiring lava lamp refurbisher.

I was hoping some one could suggest a suitable rubber stopper replacement for a lava lite grande. I bought the lamp in bad condition and cleaned it out and want to restore it with a goo kit.

The problem is that rubber stopper cap that plugs the top of the lamp was removed by the previous owner  and then to make things worse the metal cap was put back on with some small holes punched into the top of the metal cap. According to the owner it had "exploded" at some point (the real story is unclear because the story has been passed down a few times between employees of the store, so who knows!?!?) and they made the holes to vent pressure inside the globe or some such. If you ask me it was probably just some attempt to maybe fix some problem with the lamp by some one who didn't know what they were doing.

So folks, what to do? I have the polished silver ornamental topper and would like to still have that topping the lamp so it looks nice but what should be my approach for sealing when it's missing it's original rubber cap and the metal seal cap has holes in it?

Also where can I find replacement tops for lava lamps? I have a 90s era UV orange lamp to which I've lost the orange matching top? At this point I don't care about the color as long as the top can cover the ugly looking bottle cap

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Anyone have a suggestion?

I also have been looking for a rubber stopper for my grande lamp and Im not finding anything out there.if anyone can help i will love you forever this is really driving me cray

greetings, earthlings! here is one way to seal a grande: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/think-it-ll-clear?commentId=...

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