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Hey All,


So I needed a couple colossus bulbs, before I can't find them anymore, and I notice that Lava re-released the 32oz. silver streaks.  What the heck...  Ordered three of them.  2 x Pink / White and 1 x Purple / Yellow. 


Everything arrived intact, and crossed my fingers as I openned the boxes, and low and behold, clear as can be!!  Tops code numbers start with 05 before you ask :-)  I have a Pink / White warming now. 


Half way there, nice and clear, let's see if they flow!  And for more than 2 times!!





Third one is a Pink / White and warming, but the code on top is H8604 05100301 C


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OH, nice! I am waiting to see how they flow. Cool!

For anyone that's looking:



What are the bases like?

Do you mind posting photos of the caps?

How is the build quality of the bases compared to the original silver streaks?

Nice I was told these were 2004 globes which is just about the time they switched to china.
Oh, so these are pre-China globes, not new 2011 formula. Huh. Weird!

Dr. WHAT?! said:
Nice I was told these were 2004 globes which is just about the time they switched to china.

well not pre-china as in old USA globes but pre-china as in pre-china years. These were apparently leftover stock. Nothing related to 2011 lamps.


Facebook10 gets you 10% off the lamp too so use it Erin because your a winner as always!

WINNER! Dr., your profile pic is, er, arousing. LOL


I might have to order a blue/white...tempting...


So wait, if these are pre-China, but not old USA, then where were they made?

lol they are china lamps made in china just made right when china took over. Those lamps tend to be more like older USA globes. Stephanie told me they'll all been tested and work great. I'm going to order a pink/white soon myself.
The 2005 formula is what they may use again hopefully for there new Batch once more.
We can only hope but untill there is deacent enough proof then it is still a bit of a shot in the dirt when getting lava light stuff.

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