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I have always had trouble with the wax sticking to the coil of the U.S. orange/white Electrick globe. I have cleaned the coil 3 times and it keeps separating.

Someone had mentioned they got come springs from Lowe's and used them in their China lamps to get better flow. Hearing this I decided to put a new coil in my orange/white.
The new coil is a complete success!!

Here are a few pics.


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The orange/white globe has been flowing for nearly a half hour now! Normally it would stop flowing right after the wax melted. YAY!

That is really good news! Glad everything worked out for ya. Did you stretch the spring to make it like the one that was in there or did you keep it more like the way it was bought? How much were these things and were they in the drawers at lowes or hung up on a shelf in the fasteners isle?
I did stretch the spring out just a little. I used the 3 1/4" springs but you may want to try the 3" if they are about the same thickness. I almost stretched the spring too long to fit so I had to overlap the spring over itself a little more to make it fit.

I found the springs hanging up on a pegboard in hardware down I guess what is the fasteners aisle. It has lots of screws varying in size. They cost me about $3.50. They don't say stainless steel on the package, but I really believe they are. I'll find out in a few weeks if they are or not.

Next I am going to try either a 20oz or 32oz china globe to see if I can get better flow out of it. I'll post pics on the progress.

Take a look at the pic I took to see how little I had to stretch it....sorry about the kinda bad pic. It was a quickie.


I have noticed that.
I have fixed one other lamp that had a dirty coil, that was a success. But this orange/white just had a bad coil. I couldn't get it to permanently fix. But now, with the new coil it works fine now.

Just be careful with adding them. You are changing the level of heat inside the globe.
That is true.
That's why I was hoping I could find springs the same size as the coil in the globe...but that is the best I could find. It's working great now.


This is good to know. I bought a 20oz China orange/white last year and it never did work right. I seemed to work properly for about an hour and then all of the wax would settle down in the bottom. I thought about just maybe trying different wax or something else, but this gives me hope that I may be able to get it working like it should! Thanks for the info!

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