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So, I returned the 32oz I bought a week or so ago from walmart (posted about the bubbles) and bought a 52oz model from spencers. I don't think $29.99 is that bad of a price for a model that is a bit larger.

Got the clear liquid with neon green wax and has been breaking in so to speak since Monday evening.

So much better in terms of size and lava flow. The attached photos don't really do it justice. The liquid is very clear and the lava is very neon green.

3 days in and the bubbles in the lava have lessened considerably. Still some but nothing terrible.

I didn't think I would like a new one but honestly, pleasantly surprised, maybe I just have low expectations since I am noob hahahaha.

Got a real nice gooey flow sometimes, almost like snot :p

They make some nice color combos in this size and maybe if I don't find some good local stuff this summer I'll grab another one for the other side of the TV.

Oh, also working with Kirk on a glitter option for my bob marley model I got a few weeks ago, the orange liquid is kinda cloudy so can use the base and cap for a nice glitter option. Just to many options ugh.

That's it for now fellow snotties!


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Larger lamps always flow bettter

The Neon 52 oz series seems to be one of the better china lamps.  The bigger globes gives the goo more room to "express itself" lol.

(Middle row, 52 oz, Neon Yellow, Neon Puple, Mathmos Astro white/clear, Neon Watermelon, Neon Green)

Thanks for the replies. Interesting as lava's website only shows two models for the 52oz but spencers carries more than what lava shows on their site. Hmmm, wonder how that can be?

So my next question is, other than the version I have which has the deep navy blue base/cap, clear liquid, neon green lava, what other combos did they make as i wouldn't mind another one this size in neon series but different color combo.

Spencers near me does have other 52oz models but not neon.

So I looked on Spencer's webpage.  No Neons.

But I think the green you have is the same wax.  The only other recent 52 oz I have is the blue wax.  It is really nice, great color

Spencer's Lava Lamps, they do have exclusive designs not sold elsewhere.


keith, agreed, that clear and blue is really nice, would like to score one locally, will have to keep my eyes open as several spencers are not far from me, while of course, I check my local flea markets :)

I also returned by 32 ozto Walmart. And went to spencers and got a 52 oz. wow way better very clear and great flow even when it heats up.


Good call. I think I replied to you in your discussion about this point.

The 52oz are much better and there are a few very nice models in this size range.

Enjoy it

What color combo did you get??

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