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I had some fun today and rewired a Fluidium and a couple of metal Jets for Libby (Marley's Ghost).  The Fluidium was easy, and with Autumn's instructions the first metal Jet went as planned - no issues.

The rewiring of the second metal Jet was not the same, however.

The challenge with rewiring the metal Jets lies in getting the bottom plate of the base removed.  The first Jet had a bottom plate that fit into holes like this one in Autumn's picture:

Hitting the bottom plate with a blow dryer works great to loosen the glue enough to pry the bottom out of those 3 holes where it's glued in.

Today, I discovered that a metal Jet can have it's bottom plate screwed to the base.  While heating and prying, I accidentally broke a piece of the side of the base off (crap) and discovered screws running from the bottom plate to the top of the Jet's base section.  If you look closely, you can see the screw.  There are actually 4 of them.

Since the screw heads weren't on the bottom plate of the base, I decided they must be on top of the bottom base section.  So, I blasted the interior of the cylinder where the socket and globe sit with the blow dryer.  Sure enough, the heat was all that was needed to melt the glue enough to remove the cylinder from the base exposing the screw heads.

Now, I could get at the British socket and remove it and rewire with a US socket. 

After replacing with a US socket, I blasted the glue in the base and on the bottom of the cylinder again with a blow dryer to melt it enough so I could reset the cylinder in the base and get it to stick.

Here is the lamp finished and the "learning moment" glued back on.  I thought I'd share in hopes that others might learn from my (and Libby's) experience!!

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I'll post pics when I get the bases, can't wait to see them running.   And yes, my OCD over the "whoopsie" is under control......


Thank you so much, Kirk!  

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