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I have been redoing some of the defective lava lamps I have received lately.

Even the Disney lamps, which were NIB were defective from sitting on shelves for years.

I have seen the hose clamp method for resealing the old cap.

Sometimes works, sometimes not.

I figured there has to be a better way...

I thought about home brewing and searched out for an alternate solution.

I recent bought one of these for $18 with 50 caps included

They can be had here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231197926867?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&a...

I will let you know how they work when it arrives

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Thanks Claude. Many of us already have bottle callers like this and they work great.

And here I thought I was onto something,..

LOL. I spelled out "cappers" in my comment and my auto correct changed it to "callers" . Damn phones!!! Yeah Claude I have one of these and a standing lever action capper too. Goo heads try all kinds of stuff. But you are going to like having a good capper. You won't break as many bottles with these things.


I got a lot of globes to redo

Bought some new lamps just for the goo and fluid inside

Others,.. I want to convert to glitter

It's been a while since cappers have been talked about, so to a lot of members it IS new information.  As a matter of fact I have a capper that I don't have the right fitting for and after reading this post I searched to find it.  I will be ordering it soon so that I can step up my game!

Claude J said:

And here I thought I was onto something,..

I vaguely remember a capper conversation between Keith, Vox and I on chat one night, lololol!!!!!

My first post for a while but I may as well jump in hear - the best capers to use are the old hand held ones i.e. capping tool and hammer or a bench caper useful if your doing lodes of globes.

Allthough the one you posted will work for home brew it wont work for globes - the topic has been talked about before but yea its always good to keep it bumped.

I've had pretty good results with one similar to this one

Yes I see that now

It only works on some off brand bottles

Where can I find one of tabletop bottle sealers and do (it appears) that they come with different size tooling for cvarious sized caps?

The ones I see on ebay all show one cap size

Is that a Agada bottle capper?

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