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Does anyone here have a spare Lava brand base for a 20 oz. globe that they'd like to unload? It's just for a project so I am not at all concerned about the color, finish or general condition, provided, of course, that the base can safely hold a 20 oz. globe upright and that it functions properly. I can't use anything that requires rewiring, but would gladly accept a cast off with cosmetic flaws like dings, scratches, botched paint job and the like. Not at all interested in any valuable collector's item -- just looking for a cheap but functional base to experiment with. If you've got one to sell, please send me a friend request so I can P.M. you to discuss price and cost of shipping. Thanks!!!

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My local goodwill has them all the time, in fact it has one right now for $6. Maybe you should try checking goodwill frequently, and other thrift shops.

You're absolutely right about that. I keep forgetting about checking the local Goodwill store and we have a great one here in St. Louis. Thanks for the suggestion! 

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