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Looking for 2 of each Lava Lamp glitter globes (if available)

globe size  17" / 32 Oz.

#8434 Pink fluid/Silver glitter

#8438 Orange fluid/Silver Glitter

#8437 Yellow fluid/Silver glitter

#8435 Teal fluid/Silver Glitter

open to trades

tell me what your looking for

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I don't think I have ever seen any of those in person. For some reason they seem to be rare or maybe just didn't sell well. Look at all the options they used to sell.

I have in the past, 

there are just none around right now that i can find

My Duplicolor Metalcast Paint arrives today

LampHead said:

On the Way...

I'm coming to realize that making twins of every color may be too ambitious a quest

I may be tempted to sell/trade a green, purple, blue, Copper and Heritage Red..

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