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Selling my JET FLOCK PROTOTYPES...anybody interested?

If you are interested send me an offer, they're in mint condition.

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Made in 1999 as far as mathmos employees remember, there were 3 of em, the yellow one is in the uk and they were thinking of releasing theese instead of the dayglow jets but didnt. They are 100% real prototypes. I spoke with mathmos several times (with markus, the german customer support) and they assured me they were made at their factory. They are are white plastic jets flocked.
Wow, those are gorgeous!
A price I cant refuse...send me a PM if you like em. I know they are unique and real, so it would have to be more than a regular flock goes for! also they come with matching bottle made for me by mathmos (not the ones on the pic) purple/purple and orange/orange.

Richard said:
What sort of price you talking ?
Just because they could be remakes they dont have to be and there is no way of getting paperwork for them...ANY prototype and lamp can be made of you invest enough. If you think like this you will probly never own a prototype lamp as it could be a fake. And as I know I didnt have random jets flocked but real prototypes I certainly do value them higher than an astro flock. If you dont trust, dont buy them. I just know I wont sell them cheap just because someone doesnt belive me...its not that I have to sell them...besides, even with paperwork they could be duplicates, or do you expect a handwritten authentification handwritten by cressida at the inside of the cap or something? NOTHING is for sure when it comes to one offs!!!

Richard said:
Translucent jets would have been fantastic to see, shame they never made it to full production. To be 100% honest with the flock jets I wouldn't value them higher than the astro flocks, yes mathmos has confirmed them as being genuine but with no paper work to back up the authenticity it is very easy to have some jets flocked and pass them off as genuine prototypes. I had a fluidium flocked last year, very easy to have done.
These are brilliant, wish they'd been put into regular production. I wouldn't even have a guess at what kind of offer to make, think they will be way out of my price range lol.
A shame indeed! And Jerome will NEVER sell his one...if I had all three I wouldnt even think of selling them!

Crestworth Limited said:
Hate to say it, but these are 100% correct, I knew the owner who had them from Mathmos before Tom and Arne...They are totally one off's, just a shame Tom sold the Yellow and broke up the set...

Yes they could be replicated, but why do you think I have no yello one?...because whats not mathmos doesnt enter my home...I do customs but as far as I remember you've been on this other, now dead, forum too and you should remember I always pointed out whats custom and whats not...also when I sold things on ebay I told whats custom and whats not. Once I was tempted to have a yellow one replicated and it would cost me 160 euros to have it done + the lamp + shipping thats about 200 euros and if you ask jerome thats exactly the price I offered them to him (200 each) as a special price to have the set at least together again (at his home, but reunited at least)...sooooo that would make about zero profit...convinced now? ;)

Have you seen my PM Arne?


We need to talk


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